Woodland, Georgia

The Woodall family factory circa 1977

Having worked there in the summers when I was in high school (1950's) and at Georgia Tech (1960's), and having worked there full time from 1970 until 1984, I know every inch of what is in the photo, inside and outside the buildings.

There are three factories there: Georgia Cushion & Wrapper Company (wood excelsior, furniture padding, peach pads, chick pads) is the old brick factory under the water tank and smoke stack. The original buildings, built by my Grandfather, from 1910 were down where the "Quick Stop/Gas Station" is now. The old brick building in the photo was built about 1919-1920. The largest building in the center with the tractor trailer trucks backed up to it is Woodland Furniture Mfg. Co. started by my Dad in 1945. The original wooden buildings burned in 1963 and were replaced by the concrete building. The green steel building (which is now the Old Farm Museum) was built by me in 1975 - Artwood Carving Company, Inc. We manufactured carved furniture legs for chairs and tables as well as wooden kindergarten and day care furniture and wooden educational toys and blocks.

The excelsior products were shipped by train and our trucks to peach packing operations and chicken production facilities in 4 southeastern states. During WWI and WWII excelsior was shipped by the train load to the defense industry for packing guns, bombs and other wartime products. The household upholstered furniture was shipped in our trucks to furniture stores in 13 southeastern states. The wooden kindergarten furniture and educational toys were shipped nationwide via common carrier.

Based on the condition of the buildings in the photo, I would say the photo had to be taken around 1977. That photo looks like one I might have taken from my airplane about that time.

Larry Woodall

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