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25 things about me.

I joined the Navy mainly to fight the Cold War, which thank God, ended much sooner and less violently than I expected.

After serving on a submarine, I appreciate a place with a good view.

I am good at navigating. I almost never get lost, even when I try to. I feel comfortable and enjoy walking (or riding my ATV) around forest land that is new to me.

I prefer non-desk jobs.

I have little experience with evil or death. Both still shock and surprise me when I encounter either.

I like to play the board game Diplomacy, a game of negotiations and deceit, which is in a genre all its own. I also like Chess. Gambling holds no interest for me.

I think it is better to loose and learn than to win but that might be a rationalization.

I did not learn to read until I was eight. I am terrible at spelling. My reading is slow and with good compression. I can read just as fast when the letters in the middle of the words are mixed up.

I am not patient. That's why I like computers. There is nothing that can be done with a computer that could not done just as well some other way, but using a computer is faster.

Some people would call me a nerd but that's not how I see myself. Or, put another way, if I am a nerd, then nerds rule! Is that a nerdish thing to write? Is that a nerdish question to ask?

I am afraid of spiders. This fear has been somewhat overcome by the necessity, when renovating houses, of crawling into cramped, dark spaces with big ugly spiders. Yeack.

I think Reagan was a great president. I supported Obama. I voted for Ross Perot. I think government spending on non-essential programs does not help. I think health care should be nationalized as opposed to making the existing private system "universal". I think anyone who wants to should be allowed to become a US citizen.

My first impression of Europe from the air (Luxembourg) was that it looked like a cemetery. My first impression of Asia from the air (Tokyo) was that is looked like a printed circuit board. My first impression of Latin America (Costa Rica) was terror as the plane made a roller coaster landing through the mountains.

One of the most dangerous things I ever did was to go on a human rights mission to Colombia.

All four of my grandparents emigrated from Ireland. My maternal grandfather, who I barely knew, was an officer in the Irish army during the Irish revolution. After the war, he deserted the army to go to the US and marry my grandmother. My paternal grandfather, who I barely knew, had 13 siblings, 7 of whom died of tuberculosis.

All my male relatives were alcoholics.

My mom graduated from the University of Chicago when she was 18.

My wife is my best friend and the best woman I ever met. My sons are smart, engaging, healthy, happy and good looking. I am a lucky guy.

If I had known how hard it is to raise kids, I would have started when I was younger.

One of my main goals in life is to set a good example for my sons.

I think there is a lot going on in the universe that we humans do not understand.

I believe I have free will.

I miss my dog, Pokey.

I make lists of things to do then I do them. I do not understand how so many people live without making lists.

My shopping list currently has two items: Tabasco sauce and Band-Aids.

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