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The Problem with Evolution

I think the theory of evolution, ie natural selection, has some major problems. And it has nothing to do with Christianity. Here are some of my objections to the theory of evolution.

Time for multi-celled organisms to evolve: The Earth is roughly 4 billion years old. Bacteria evolved about 3.5 billion years ago. Multi-celled organisms evolved 500 million years ago. How could it take 3 billion years for bacteria to evolve into multi-celled organisms?

Mitochondria DNA: Mitochondria are structures in the cells of every multi-celled organism. They have DNA. There must be situations where the selection for the mitochondria DNA is different than the nucleus DNA yet in no organism has the entire mitochondria DNA been transferred to the nucleus. In the theory of natural selection, is it the nucleus or the mitochondria that is selected?

Programmed cell death: In multi-celled organisms, cells have a very complex process for suicide. How could this have evolved according to the theory of natural selection?

I don't have the answers to any of these questions but I think they are the questions we should be asking.

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