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Updates to
Presidential Elections
and Monopoly Busting
November 1, 2021

Update to Presidential Elections

I was again a poll worker for the 2020 election. I had not done this since 2008. The voting system was new: more complex, more transparent, more secure. I was very happy with all the effort and resources that Georgia and Fulton county put into it. The voting machines printed a paper ballot that the voter could review for accuracy before placing it in the locked steal ballot box. All parts of the process had multiple observers. There was a Democratic party observer at my precinct but no Republican party observer. I could check that the numbers for my precinct matched the numbers posted on the Fulton county website and they did. The system was as close to being fully transparent and fraud proof as it could be. It came just in time considering what happened.

Update to Monopoly Busting

I am now using a Linux laptop. I bought it from System76. It runs a version of Ubutu. It works great. I am free of Microsoft. One down, four to go.

This company is developing a Linux smartphone: Pine Phone. It is still in prototype. It would be an alternative to iPhone/Andriod.

DuckDuckGo is essentially a front end for Google now. Yahoo uses Bing. Apple has a deal with Google to not develop a search engine. Google remains the biggest monopoly threat to everyone.

A friend died of Covid. He was not vaccinated. He believed conspiracy theories and Facebook was a part of that.

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