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Break the deadlock, balance your vote.

I am going to get preachy. That is normally a bad thing but, for this particular topic, it is necessary. I would like you to consider balancing your vote and by that I mean voting for at least one candidate in each of the two parties every election. Now before you freak out, let me finish.

There is more to a candidate than just party affiliation. There is more to a candidate than the issues. Candidates should be judged on who they are as a person. Qualities like honesty, work ethic, charisma, management skill, relevant experience, intelligence. Can this candidate inspire people to do their best? Can this candidate get things done? These are the questions we need to ask.

When you vote all for one party, you are not considering these qualities. The odds that one party has all the best candidates for every position are pretty much zero.

I bet you are wondering why when your party gets elected, very little of what they promised gets done. Well if you always vote for the same party, the problem is you. Your party leadership knows all they need to do is pay lip service to your issues and you will vote for them regardless of how much they deliver or who they run for office. They know as long as they can keep the election about the issues and not the candidates, they have your vote. It is easy for them. It is lazy of you.

So consider this. The deadlock is not in Congress. The deadlock is in your head. Find a candidate in the other party to vote for in the next election.

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