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In the Eye of the Economic Storm

Read this article written in 2001 about Japan's "lost decade". Turns out their "lost decade" was not so lost. And neither will ours. What will be lost is trips to Walmart in our SUVs to fill up our McMansions with junk made by slave labor in China. What will be lost is unchecked mega-corporate power and greed. What will be lost is our collective fat lazy ass. We will be better off and happier for it.

Here are my predictions for the near future. Shocks around the world are yet to come, like the collapse of China's capitalism-authoritarianism anachronism. Americans will have less money. Our jobs will be less secure, lower paying, more creative and more skilled. We will have more free time and we will have better health, information, entertainment, and education. We will have less energy and natural resources but we will use them smarter. Our quality of life will continue to improve.

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